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During the construction stage of this website we have endeavored to make as accessible as possible.

Keyboard access
Keyboard Access Codes are shortcuts to website key pages and page content and have been enabled throughout the site for the visually impaired and disabled.

Codes and Browser Access

Access Codes

Internet Explorer




0 - Accessibility page (this page)
1 - Home page
2 - About Us
3 - Questions and Answers

s - Goto Content
n - Goto Main Menu

Press the 'Alt' key and Access code key.
Release both.
Press the 'Enter' key.

Press the 'Alt', 'Shift' and Access code key.

Press the 'Shift' key and 'Escape' key.
Release both.
Press the Access code key.

Press the 'Ctrl' key and Access code key.


Download the FREE text to speech software package from
BrowseAloud can help you access the internet if you have Low literacy and reading skills, Dyslexia or visual impairments. Enabling you access not only but the whole World Wide Web.


Each page can be translated to different languages using Google translation.

Google Translate
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