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The majority of young people who have served a custodial sentence are not 'bad' people. Often, they got into the wrong crowd and made a bad choice when they were less mature. As a result, they have had to pay the consequences for what they did.

When a young person finishes a custodial sentence and returns to their home community, it can be very difficult to stay on the straight and narrow and secure a new future for themselves. They may be exposed to the same influences and circumstances which led them to get involved in crime in the first place. Moreover, they may lack all the experience or skills they really need to move on into the world of work and secure a wage. A regular income is one of the most important factors in enabling a young person to move on from their criminal career. However, when competing against others in a tough economic climate, a criminal record is often a real barrier to securing work. Many employers are reluctant to take a chance on someone with convictions in their past. This makes it really difficult for those who have changed their mind-set and want to ADAPT to a new future to really move forward and leave their life of crime behind them.

We would like your help to enable young people to move forward and secure their future. Could your company provide a young person with a work experience placement, perhaps for one day per week over a couple of months? Or perhaps you could mentor a young person and help them to develop the skills and attitudes which will help them thrive in the world of work? Perhaps you could give a small group of young people a tour of your business and tell them what they need to do to be successful in your sector? Or you may be able to help young people by checking over their CV or giving them some interview practice.

Young people on the ADAPT project are fully supported by their key worker when they interact with your business. We will help to set up the work placement or skills session with you to ensure it's a success both for you and the young person. Once a young person is with you, will check back with you regularly to ensure everything is going well. And we're always on the end of the phone in case a situation or problem occurs which you need help to resolve.

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