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C was referred to ADAPT by the Youth Offending Service and allocated a Salford Foundation mentor. C was described as ‘high risk’ due to the nature of his offence (theft from a vehicle and possession of an offensive weapon) and his links with pro-criminal peers and gangs

C is a confident and loud character and has very good social and inter personal skills that allow him to converse with people on different levels. However, he was using this in a negative way that was leading back into a life of crime. By his own admission he was finding cannabis use to be a problem and when producing his learning plan he highlighted this as an area where he needed support, along with education, employment, re-offending and health support associated with his smoking habit.

C told his mentor he was not ready for employment at present though would be willing to gain qualifications and possible training. He had a passion for music and at that point he was referred to our partner CRIS to look at possible media-related projects. He also visited Gears+ and showed interest in what they had to offer. He enrolled onto a joint project between CRIS and Gears+ within three weeks of joining the programme.

However, it was not straight forward for C and there were issues from the start. On his second session at Gears+ he attended while heavily under the influence of drugs; hallucinating and being violently sick. He was escorted home. C came back the next day to apologise to staff. He was challenged on the issue and told of the dangers. He was unaware of what he had taken as it was given to him by a friend. The experience had taught him a valuable lesson. This information was passed onto his mentor who asked C if he would attend a meeting with a SMART (drugs misuse) worker. He declined though agreed to work through some literature with his mentor and the offer was left open.

He also struggled with taking instruction/direction. However, after some intensive work with the CRIS worker he soon settled into the project. He displayed confidence, humour and a willingness to accept the role of a learner. C excelled at the project and between the three organisations supporting C he completed the pilot project to achieve 1 OCN in Health & Safety in a Working Environment Level 1 and Developing Decision Making Skills Level 2.

C’s passion for music helped inspire the creation of a music project for young people. This was led by Peer Ambassadors informal and allowed C to express himself in a relaxed environment. Throughout this time his links to negative peers and the possibility of re-offending were much reduced as he was on programme three days a week. The Peer Ambassador managed to get C to think about his future and the time was right to look for employment/training. While in Hindley YOI, he had completed his NVQ Level 1 in catering and found he enjoyed cooking and found it relaxing. With the help of his Salford Foundation mentor he applied for a Future Jobs Fund placement at a well known pub/restaurant in Manchester. C was helped with face-to-face interview techniques; he had the personality to charm most people and was feeling fairly confident that he had a good chance if the employer could see past his criminal record. He was successful and gained a three month contract with a view that if he succeeded he would be taken on full time and put through a NVQ Level 2 qualification.

C is still working with his Salford Foundation mentor four months on. He attends Gears+ Literacy classes. He is also in contact with CRIS and would like to do more creative media work, specifically producing a music video for songs he has produced. He has now successfully completed 2 months of his placement and is on course to secure permanent employment.

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